Daphne model video sample

Daphne model

Download 1 hour Daphne video here¬† ( Resolution: 708×576 | File Size: 1181 mb )

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  1. watereyes says:

    very sexy little girl,she looks like a short clip i seen before, where she says, Oh yes!

  2. C says:

    very nice!

  3. paul martin says:

    This young girl has to be one of the most sensual and breathtaking people i have ever seen, magic, beautiful and a delight to look at.Thank you

  4. smazsq says:


  5. Madiyung says:

    Cute girl!

  6. Madiyung says:

    Love this girl

  7. paul martin says:

    more videos of Daphne please, please.

  8. littlewoody says:

    what a lovely doll I want to see all her vids, pic, and movies more and more .

  9. MARCELL says:


  10. mikebolton says:

    I love her to

  11. mike says:

    i like her to

  12. Kaz says:

    Terrific clip.
    Where can I find more like this?

  13. pup says:

    she is delightful and has a way with the camera i love her anybody wana share pic? and more vids please

  14. Jeff says:

    She is unbelivablly sweet & cute looking & yes sexy for her age…she should do well in life,her mom & dad must be proud of her! I to use to model my 2 preteen daughters back in the 90s.

  15. frankie jones says:

    wow what a sexy girl lovely ass and not much covering the front either

  16. NILSON SARABIA R says:

    more videos of Daphne please, please please plase………….

  17. littlewoody says:

    what an absolute doll . I want to see all her works of art

  18. Eric says:

    Share the vid with us

  19. TD says:

    Very nice, i want to see more.

  20. bob hay says:

    Daphne has to be one of the prettiest girls i’ve seen on the web in years. So cute, sexy and sensual, almost a shame she has to grow up.PLEASE, MORE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!!!!!

  21. David says:


  22. potcha says:

    daphne is a goddess

  23. apple says:

    i also saw that clip. i have seen it many times. wish i could find the whole video.

  24. lilgurlzrbest says:

    That bod is FANTASTIC!

  25. mac says:

    Needed more

  26. lenny says:

    i want to find her

  27. Jacalyn Prince says:

    Daphne is very sensual. Perfection in her delectable physique, stunning beauty, lustrous long blonde hair and seductive bee-sting lips which look made for sucking, she obviously enjoys showing us as much of her beautiful, sexy body as she can.

  28. Johnny Be Bad says:

    thanks thanks

  29. ricardo tapia says:

    I`ll like to see

  30. larry says:

    very beautiful,very sexy

  31. george athanasiou says:

    glyka kai kayla einai h mikri

  32. david says:

    near the end of the vid she is on her knees and the way she moves her ass, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  33. johnathan says:

    Daphne Is Absolutely Adorable!!!!

  34. jay says:

    sexxxc,cute n hot….well done babee grl..LOVE 2 C MORE!..or less mmmmmm

  35. bianca. says:

    What country is this girl

  36. robinmaster says:

    I’m paralized of pleasure to see this little beauty!

  37. john dee says:

    breathtakingly lovely

  38. Jerry says:

    This attractive and sensual young girl clearly enjoys doing what she does and what she does is very good. She’s unique and quite impressive.

  39. manuel oliveira says:

    i imagine in side.

  40. Greg says:

    I like the way she bounces her cute bottom

  41. john bradley says:

    hopefully when i figure out how to use my debit card and get email address to work i could see full videos you are so sexy i wish we could date maybe even feel a little of our bodies

  42. MadlyInLove says:

    An amazingly attractive girl… what dreams are made of.

  43. paul buyon says:

    sweeter than honey

  44. bostonma says:

    Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Young&NaturalAlways says:

    She’s really super sexy. A mix of innocence and naughtiness. Just irresistible!

  46. davy says:

    so nice to see preteen girls who like to please us

  47. garry says:

    OH yea OOOlala OOOlala.Some of you guys know what in talking about.

  48. kuk says:

    is the most beautiful

  49. raimen81 says:

    An amazingly attractive girl

  50. Jerry says:

    this very sensual young lady really enjoys what she’s doing and so do I

  51. rattle says:

    only mine only mine

  52. cookie says:

    does this web site have ”roxana 11yo” she is nice :D

  53. lui phill says:


  54. Paula says:

    Got this entire clip-very good .

  55. daddy says:

    she is beautiful

  56. dave says:

    wow wot a girl like to see more

  57. richard says:

    its e very cute girls

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